Gartner Report:

Apply Voice-of-the-Customer Best Practices to Voice-of-the-Employee Initiatives

The primary source of employee feedback for most organizations today is a formal survey conducted just once every one to three years. Yes, years. It’s hard to imagine you’d remain in business very long if you only asked customers for feedback that often. So why aren’t organizations devoting as much energy to employee feedback as they are to customer feedback? And what do they stand to gain when they do?
This new report from Gartner shares winning strategies for modeling employee feedback processes off established voice-of-the-customer initiatives to rapidly capture and effectively address employee sentiment.

In this new report from Gartner, you’ll gain insights into:

Why—and how—HR leaders should apply the same culture of customer obsession to their internal employee feedback processes

Best practices for augmenting annual employee engagement surveys with pulse, indirect and inferred feedback

Strategies for gathering and consolidating employee feedback to obtain real-time, actionable insights and guidance

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Gartner Apply Voice-of-the-Customer Best Practices to Voice-of-the-Employee Initiatives, April 25, 2017