The Renewed Mandate for HR Leaders: Embedding Critical Skills for the Future of Work

Date: Thursday 23 January – 14.00-15.00 GMT

The problem isn’t new, but it is increasingly acute. With high employment rates, and dramatically changing job roles, addressing critical skills gaps to ensure organisational competitiveness remains high on the executive agenda for organisations globally.

And for some time acquiring talent with certain technical skills like data science, AI, or digital skills were centre stage for talent leaders. More recently however, soft skills – or 'power skills' as global industry analyst Josh Bersin calls them – have been elevated in priority, because they underpin long term organisational agility and are foundational to adapting to the future of work.

This backdrop is forcing businesses to rethink hiring strategies and employee development investments, and calls for even greater alignment between often siloed functions like TA and L&D. 

In this exclusive webinar 

global industry analyst Josh Bersin and Saba will explore:
  • The latest thinking in how to identify these skills, and make decisions on hiring versus developing internal skills for new and future workforce needs.
  • Leading practices that make the case for building what Josh calls capability academies – and how they can be used for developing new technical skills, as well as the unique behavioural skills and business capabilities an organisation needs long-term.

  • Global trends in the types of 'power skills' seen as most important for the future of work and examples of companies using this build vs. buy approach to skills.
  • The enabling role of technology in this talent strategy, and recommendations for getting started.
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About the speakers

Josh Bersin

Global Industry Analyst, Founder joshbersin.com and Dean, Josh Bersin Academy

Josh is a global industry analyst covering all aspects of the world of work – HR strategies and solutions, corporate learning, recruitment, and all aspects of workplace and HR technology. He helps organisations and their teams continuously improve their HR programmes. He is also an author, keynote speaker, and frequent writer on topics including the economy, work, HR technology, and HR.

Connie Costigan

Vice President, Communication and Brand Advocacy, Saba Software

Connie works closely with talent leaders across Saba’s global customer base and bold thinkers in human resources to share the latest practices in talent management and how Saba’s solutions can support them. With more than a decade of experience in the talent management space, she holds an Honors BA in Political Science from McMaster University and her past leadership positions include posts at Cognos, an IBM company, and Spotwave Wireless.